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Having a baby can be pretty expensive. There is quite a bit that you need to get before the little one arrives, and as all my older friends/parents/relative say, there are so many things that exist now that didn’t before. Personally, I didn’t spend that much on Max’s things. Quite a few things I did need I got used, and some things I bought new. Garage Sales, Kijiji, Craig’s List and other ‘used forums’ make it really easy to pretty much get anything you need used for a much cheaper price. Some people are just giving stuff away. Case in point: my Chariot. They retail for over $600 just for the chassis. I got mine for $200 and it is (was?) in fantastic shape, even with the tire nibs still on.

However you still have to be cautious about what you buy used. Here are my top 3 “yay for used” , “nay for used”, and “think about it”

Yay for Used:

1) Change Table

I’ve heard that many people don’t actually use the change table much. Max is still fine getting changed on it, but those days are coming to an end. I use mine to store all my cloth diapers! My change table is stocked ready to go of all baby bumbum needs! You can also get a dresser if you want, which you can also get used!


2) Bumbo’s

Max is finally getting into his bumbo! I see these on kijiji all the time. I think because babies tend not to be in them for very long. Safety wise, there is nothing wrong with a used bumbo. They can be pretty pricey for a new one: around $60!

3) Baby Bullet

Holy Baloney do I ever see tons of baby bullets for sale on kijiji. So many are unopened. Do yourself a favour and check kijiji before going to the store to buy one, you can save yourself some $$ by taking one off someone’s hands.

Nay for Used

1) Cribs

Not only for safety reasons (regulations change!), but because of bed-bugs too. Ask P, although I would freak out if I had mice in the house or cockroaches….bedbugs would make me go nuts!! They are so hard to get rid of. Personally, I just would not get a used crib unless I knew the previous owner

Good website for you to bookmark: Health Canada Consumer Product Safety


2) Car Seats

Safety: Car seat regulations change. In Canada they have just changed! Kijiji has asked that people no longer post car seat ads because of this reason. Also, even though seats have expiration dates on them, you have no idea whether it has been in an accident or not. It is recommended that car seats get changed if you have been even in the smallest of accidents. Don’t risk it! Also, Do NOT buy car seats in the States if you are from Canada. They do not have the same regulations

Good Website to check out: Transport Canada Child Restraint and Booster Seat Notices

3) Open cans of formula.

I have seen these ads on kijiji. I would have no problem with sealed cans, infact I’ve done tradsies with a few Ottawa Moms, but opened cans are a big no no. You just never know…..


Think About it (you could go either way)

1) Baby Carriers/Wrap

Baby carrier shopping is a personal thing. Some love Moby’s, some don’t. Babies can also have a preference as well. Although there is really nothing wrong with purchasing a used carrier/wrap, you may want to try some on before you purchase. I received my Moby as a gift and used it until Max was 3 months. I then felt too uncomfortable with it on and felt I needed more support. I went to a store in Montreal (just happened to be there) where they helped me try on several different kinds with Max in the carrier. I ended up with the Beco Gemini after trying on 5 different carriers. Do your research first. If you find one you like: then buy it online.

2) Jogging Strollers

Do your research before. You also want to make sure you look for any defects or general wear and tear. Buying a used jogging stroller can save you tons of $$. Depending on the one you want, you may also have to take some time to find a used one. It took me months to find a Chariot for a decent price that wasn’t too worn down. I really lucked out with my purchase! Also, don’t spend the $$ if you don’t jog already: especially with a stroller like the chariot. The chariot is not a mall stroller! There are cheaper brands out there that have the rubberized ‘big wheels’ that people are looking for.

3) Breast Pumps

Once the box is opened you can not return a breast pump. Therefore you see LOTS of breast pumps for sale on kijiji. Medela has stated that you should not purchase a used pump for sanitary reasons. Personally I would buy a used motor, but would replace the parts that touch my ‘mommy milk areas’. Again, do your research before purchasing a pump. Also, I would probably wait until after baby is born before purchasing one. Some people just don’t do breastfeeding for various reasons, even though they planned on it. Because of the limited return policy of breast pumps, make sure you are 100% certain you will be partaking in BFing. You can also rent breast pumps as well! Lots of options available!


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  1. Heather

    I agree that buying used can save TONNES for baby stuff. I ended up buying a used crib on kijiji, but we bought a new mattress from the store. I also went in to the purchase knowing that if I was at all uncomfortable with the cleanliness of their home, I wasn’t buying. I walked in to an immaculate no carpet home with not even a spot of dust anywhere, so I was comfortable getting my crib from them. It’s all about personal preference of course!

    I find the big baby “toys” great to buy on kijiji, since they use them for so little time. We bought a used playmat, then sold it to buy an exersaucer, then sold that to buy a jumparoo… and it will go on and on. Saves space and money!

    1. Rebecca

      My friend and I call kijiji the “baby rental service”. So many of us do the selling/buying of stuff on it that it is like we are just trading stuff around.

      Honestly my ancient exersaucer that my friend gave us (along with tons of other baby things) is just as good as one in the store and Max doesn’t know the difference!


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