NCSSAA – Day 1 re-cap

Short post for today since I have a billion things to do before tomorrow’s day 2 of NC meets.

We had a pretty good day at the track. Today was definitely our slower day, with most of our events being tomorrow.  Jaimee, Alexia, Nathan, Kevin and Nick have all qualified for an event next week (Nathan for 2). But they all have more tomorrow. Jaimee qualified for the high jump, Alexia the 300 hurdles, Nathan the 200m and long jump, Kevin for long jump and Nick for high jump.

Other big news is the CW results from last week: We managed to have a top 3 finish in every category but midget girls. Nice! We also had the 2nd most 1st place finishes, behind the power-house team of Colonel By. Not bad considering we have something like 12 people on our team.

Only blah moment of the day is our 4×100. We got d/q’d because of a bad exchange. It was looking really good too 🙁 Aww well


Day 2 tomorrow!!

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