Need new shoes

I buy new shoes every running season. My preferred make is New Balance and they are not always cheap. Because I stopped running by June last year, I didn’t feel the need to buy new shoes for the first part of this season. Well, I think the time has come to buy new shoes! I am getting some shin splint pain now. Not too terribly bad, but that doesn’t mean I continue to run like everything is fine. I also need to stretch more.

Anyhoo, so I am thinking that I need to go to the Running Room and get properly fitted for some shoes before I start training for the Army Half. Thoughts?

In the meantime, I do have brand new Nike shoes that I may start wearing. They gave me a bit of knee pain when I was running with the chariot though. I should test them out this weekend.


Grey’s Anatomy

Season Finale is tomorrow night and it is looking like it will be intense! Grey’s finales have had a tendency to cause a bit of “grey’s anxiety” and usually very surprising. Re-cap of the previous seasons:

Season 1: Derek is married and Addison shows up

Season 2: Denny Dies. So sad 🙁

Season 3: Burke and Christina Wedding. Not too bad, but still a bit sad in the end

Season 4: Most boring finale yet. But Derek and Meredith finally get together

Season 5: Izzie and George: will they die? The George getting hit by a bus and Meredith figuring it out still gets me every time. I totally did a “OMG!” moment when I watched it

Season 6: Most anxiety-ridden finale ever. It was the shooting episode. I did not enjoy watching that episode, at all.

Season 7: Meredith messes up the trial. Kinda dull on purpose due to the season’s very dark nature

So Shonda Rhimes (the writer) has said that last season’s finale was boring on purpose in anticipation of what was going to happen in season 8. Big thing is that it is contract negotiation year and anything can happen. There are rumours out there about who is staying, but so far no rumours about who hasn’t signed. There are lots of rumours about who is going to die tomorrow night. Both ABC and Shonda have said that someone will die. She has also said that she is awfully worried about what she has written and how it may cause more backlash then the whole George being hit by a bus episode.

Many people have said that it will be Lexie or Arizona. They are two obvious choices as in the promos, they are pinned under the plane.

Now: that could very well happen. But I think that is way too predictable and not in the style of Rhonda’s writing. However, maybe for the first time she will be predictable? Who knows!  I do have a very bad feeling that it is Lexie…..*sigh*

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