One week to go…

One week until Ottawa Race Weekend! Yippee!!

So far the weather is looking perfect. Sunny with clouds and 24. Considering that I don’t run until 6:30, it should be a nice race! As mentioned before, I run this race with staff and students from CW. It is fun to run with a large group, even if the kiddies take off and I don’t see them til the end 🙂

I am done running until next Saturday. I did a super slow run yesterday. I was going to try and do 7K, but stopped and turned around at the 5K turnaround point. I could feel my ankles/shins started up again, so I didn’t want to risk it hurting anymore before next week. I have only done 1 longer run in the past 3 weeks. I am a tad bit worried, but what are you going to do?  I am certain that I will be fine to do a slow-ish 10K next week (around 65 minutes). If I wasn’t worried about hurting yesterday, I could have easily ran longer. Doing a  6:50 pace, I was barely winded. It wasn’t until I picked it up at the end to a 6:15 pace that I started to feel more ‘winded’. If I just take it easy I will be fine. I did a 7K non-stop last weekend and it felt fine….minus the fact that I probably *shouldn’t* have done a 7K the day after a race….. *sigh*

This is my first 10K race, so realistically I should be aiming to complete not try and run a sub-60, which at this point in time I don’t think is going to happen. I would like to get around 65 minutes, and I think that is the pace-bunny I will be attempting to find in the chaos of the corrals next weekend. If I feel able enough to go faster, I will. If I like a 6:40 pace and feel comfortable I will stick with that!

I ran in my orange Nike’s last night and I have decided that I will not be running in them next weekend. They just don’t give me the support that I need. So that means unfortunately, I will not be in ‘all orange’. I do have a bright orange tech shirt, and an orange and blue headband though!

Training this past week:

Saturday: Mother’s Day 5K: “Chariot” PB with 29:58, and first sub-30 in two years

Sunday: 7K ‘steady run’ done in 46:51

Tuesday: 3K ‘steady run’ in 18:40

Saturday: 5K ‘super slow run’ in I think 38 minutes (huge Garmin fail last night)

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