Ottawa Race Weekend – ONE MORE DAY

It is the eve before the Ottawa Race Weekend 5K and 10K Races.

Who is excited?

This runner is…. 

As Kristen mentioned in her blog, this is a race where is feels like everyone you know (who runs) runs this race. Good luck to her as she runs the 10K as well tomorrow! Her sister, Heather is running a half in Calgary this weekend…her first big race post-baby. She is going to rock it!

Then there is the CW-crew: Good luck to all the teachers who are running it. For a few, it is their first race. The students are also running tomorrow. It looks like we have close to a 100 runners running either of the races, including Alexia and Nathan from the track team. Those two have strict orders from the coach (aka me) to take it easy….jogging for them, not running. Coach C, is running his usual back-to-back races tomorrow….crazy!

Not sure whether P will actually run tomorrow. Otherwise it is a fast walk for Max and Daddy tomorrow. They will join all the other Chariots and BOB strollers in the 5K race.

There are also some others that I know from the Ottawa area running the race. Good luck to all!


Training Report:

I haven’t run since the weekend in order to get rid of the shin-pain that was happening. Rest worked, as they feel fine. I also think that it was definitely the muscles  hurting, not stress fractures. I also haven’t run this week because I spent Wednesday and Thursday on my feet. I did get tons of walking in on those two days! As I mentioned before I am not too worried about it.


The goal is to finish in order 65 minutes. Given that means a 6:50 KM pace, I think that is totally do-able (I generally hover in the 6:00-6:20 zone). I might try and go a bit faster, but we will see. I am really unsure whether I can keep my 5:50-ish race pace for 10K at this point in time. It really depends on how I am feeling tomorrow evening.

What will I be wearing:

Orange, Orange, and more Orange. Clearly, orange is my school colour….

I haven’t decided whether I will wear my school’s track uniform or my Joe Fresh orange tech shirt. Both will be in my bag regardless. I am going to wear my traditional racing shorts and headband. My MEC sunglasses are key (they don’t move at all) as well as the Garmin.

I will not be bringing an iPod along this time. I did not listen to music during the Mother’s Day 5K, nor have I really trained with music at all. Ottawa Race Weekend is a little intense in terms of the cheering crowds, so I am preferring to soak that all in rather than be in my own little world listening to Lady Gaga or something.

Final Thoughts

This race will not be a walk in the park like a 5K is. I am so used to running the 5K distance, that I can run it without really training for it (I just won’t get a sub-30 time). The 10K however, is longer (duh) and requires a bit more thought and training. From some running friends, I’ve heard that the 10K is a bit more comfortable to run. I would say that is mostly true as I am not sure it is whether I am just paying more attention to training or simply liking the longer distance more – but I am more comfortable running 8K than 5K.

I am a little nervous, but excited at the same time. I have looked forward to the race weekend every year since I moved to Ottawa. 2 years ago, this was my first distance race ever, so I think I am come a long way since then!

Another thought – I think the sprinter in me is finally gone…..

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  1. Kristen

    Good luck!! I hope you enjoy the race. And don’t forget to touch the shoe when you run by…

    1. Rebecca

      Thanks 🙂

      Maybe I will see you around tomorrow!


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