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One of my ‘things I would do more often if I had more $’ is to travel. I have been to some places: Australia, NYC, Los Angeles, Vienna, Florida and Cuba. But I would like to do more! Also, although I did some touristy things in Australia and Los Angeles, I was there for different reasons other than be a tourist. I actually worked in Australia for most of my 3 months there. However, a weekend trip to Sydney (I was living in Brisbane) allowed me to be a tourist for a small portion. I would love to go back there one day and actually do Australia proper.

Speaking of Australia, an episode during the last season (not the one that just finished) of Amazing Race was in Sydney. They ended up in Manly Beach. It was funny to see them standing at a place that I had been before! I totally could have rocked that leg…

Anyways, so since we have Max, traveling is a bit more different now. Going to Europe, Australia or any place that requires lots of walking and more ‘cultural experiences’ are out until he is a bit older to appreciate it a bit more. My parents and brother are going to England in the Fall and I could go with them if I wanted to. But I can’t imagine bringing a 10 month old and trek around London. I will wait til next time.

Right now the only trip I have planned is California in the summer. But again, that is different since my SIL lives there and we have some business to attend to. Going to fight the urge to make a stop at Disneyland though….next year! I also should start saving for NYC in 2013, since I have a guaranteed entry for the marathon. P has never been, and my parents are thinking about going too.

I do have an extensive list of Places I would like to Travel:

The rest of Canada

Name it, and I most likely want to go there. I have only traveled through Southern and Central Ontario, and a bit of Quebec (like Montreal and Tremblant…woo). Every time I see pictures of the Banff, Lake Louise, Vancouver, Whistler, PEI, Halifax, etc. I want to go! It was a plan to go to Whistler this past Christmas, but obviously we had other plans.


Namely: France, England, Italy, Germany, Sweden….oh heck, how about most of Europe? I had a taste of Europe in 2001 with a school trip to Austria. It was a trip that I will never forget. We went with our Chamber Strings group, teachers, handful of parents and our Principal. You might think that would be boring….but it wasn’t. One of the best nights of my life so far was listening to the Vienna Philharmonic playing Beethoven’s 7th at Musikverein, then going to the Imperial Hotel for cake and coffee with a couple of students and our chaperones (rest of the kids went bowling…ok). Would love to just go to Europe to eat and go to concerts.

New Zealand

Looks so nice! I’ve also heard it is a toned down version of Australia – bit more relaxing!


Mostly so I can see Volcanos! There are other places I would like to go for beach vacations

Road Trip Across America

Not only to see the sights, but also to go to as many restaurants from “Drive-ins, Diners and Dives” as possible. So many of those restaurants look so good!


Kind of a different Beach vacation. Yes this might have something to do with ‘Eat Pray Love’, but a couple of my friends have been there and their experiences were amazing. Would love to take a trip out there one day. I believe it would be very much different from a beach trip to the Caribbean

Ok, so I could go on and on…

What are some of your favorite places to travel to? Where would you like to go?

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  1. Linda

    Traveling with a tiny baby…. always tough 🙂 My in-laws are on a Baltic cruise right now – it sounds so fantastic! I keep telling my husband that it is Europe next year for sure – I used to go back every few years and my last trip was in 2006 🙁


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