Race Recap: 5K Game of Life, Toronto

I decided on Thursday that I was going to leave Max with my parents and run a 5K race for fun in the Toronto Beaches on Sunday. It was a fun race! It was a smaller race with only 275 participants running in the 5K. The weather was absolutely perfect at about 10 degrees and partly sunny. The race was at 9:10am, which was a tad early for my liking, but what are you going to do :-). The race was sponsored by the Running Room, so there were many RR people there. I think most of us were using the race to gear up for races that are coming up (Toronto and Mississauga Marathons are next weekend).

I did ok in the race. My time was 30:36, which is my 3rd best 5K time (Army Run 2010 was my fastest at 28:55). I came in 99th out of 274 overall, 14th/52 in my Age category and 49th/174 in the Female category. Not bad for not having raced in about a year and a half!

Now, I did want to try and get a sub-30, and was very very close. I ran a very steady 5K, with my pace times either being 5:57 or 6:04 (no joke, all my KM markings were either of these times). I did not stop and walk at all, except for the water break. This was only the 2nd race where I ran steady the whole time. I think these two teens were trying to beat me or use me as their pace bunny as they kept running fast to catch up to me, then walked for a bit, then raced to catch me again, and then walked. They were right next to me when we got to the finish. Kind of funny.

I was pretty tired during the 4th KM, but sucked it up for the last one. I honestly thought I was going to be in the 31-minute range and had I known that I would be so close to 30 minutes, I would have booked it a bit sooner. I usually go fast for the last 500m or so, but was a bit unsure of the finish line so I didn’t start going fast until 100m away. Oh well 🙁 Honestly it is really hard to go from racing while pregnant and having your eye on your HR to going back to racing fast again. I think it will take me til Emilie’s Run at the end of June to get ‘in the zone’ again.

Race Conditions

BUGS, BUGS, BUGS. Those stupid gnat bugs were all over the course. I do not want to know how many I ate. I ended up hacking up a lung a couple of times (another reason why I didn’t go fast – I wasn’t breathing correctly!). One girl went screaming away at one point because the clouds were so thick. I was wearing a long sleeved shirt and my race tech shirt and somehow a whole pile got into my sports bra. The bugs sucked!

BOARDWALK WHA? The race was on the boardwalk on the beach. Not the best surface for me. But it was ok. It was great to be running along the lake though! I really miss the beaches section of Toronto. Really great area!

OVERDRESSED PEEPS. Omg, so many people were WAY overdressed for a Spring morning run. I showed up in a long sleeved tech shirt and capri running pants. I threw on my tech short sleeved just before the race. I ended up hot at the end like I normally do. There were people wearing sweaters and long pants and I thought “what are you nuts?!!?”. Of course I saw all the sweaters around their waists at the finish like. I also saw people wearing hats and gloves. I even saw one Mom and saw wearing a balaclava. Umm, this isn’t Winterman people! They might have worn them because of the bugs, but they were also totally covered in a track suit. I know I would have over-heated in that attire!

Anyways, it was a good first race of the season. My next race is the Mother’s Day 5K in two weeks, followed by the Ottawa Run Weekend 10K in the end of May. The Mother’s Day one is with Max, so I have no goals except to run steady since the Chariot makes me a bit slower (6:48 avg pace, vs 6:00 or so). The Ottawa 10K’s goal is 65 minutes which I think I can do. I am swamped this week in terms of coaching my team, but I’m hoping to get out on Friday at least!

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