Running with Music: Yay or Nay?

When I started running, I used to always have my iPod with me. So far this running season I have only used the iPod (actually my iPhone) once. It is not that I do not like running with music, I do, but it is more that when it comes to a race I would rather not race with headphones on.


Because I don’t notice the crowds if I am zoned into my music. The Ottawa Race Weekend is a big event here in Ottawa. There are thousands of people that cheer on the runners during the races. I know that the 5K race is completely surrounded by crowds for the entire route. You get lots of encouragement from the crowds. There are also hilirious signs and my fave: HOSE-MAN. Hose-man sits with his house on Queen Elizabeth just after Pretoria Bridge. Given that for the past two years the 5K evening race has been humid as hell: I welcome the hose-man’s fresh, cool water every time I hit that section of the race. It usually gives me enough of a restart to go hard on the last 800m. However, sometimes I feel that the music helps me not think of ‘running’ and just going with it. Also, good beats can make you pumped up and run faster.

Another reason why I no longer ┬árun with music is because 75% of the time I am pushing Max in the Chariot. I feel that I need to have a better awareness of my surroundings when pushing the stroller around; especially since I share the recreational path with bikes, other runners, and doggies. You also never know if a random deer or moose will come on the path (I’m not kidding… has happened).

So in saying that: I will not be bringing my iPhone/iPod with me for my 10K race. Just going to leave it with P and M and try and concentrate on the race!


What is your preference for running? Do you use an iPod to train? Do you run a race with music on?

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