Three Things Thursday

Holy Baloney it is Thursday! Actually it is still Wednesday as I wrote this entry last night since today will be hectic on my end….Anyways…

1) East Ottawa Track Meet today!

I am expecting that most of my kids will go on to National Capital’s next week. I am also hoping for at least two awards given to my athletes for points awarded by placing high up (Alexia and Nathan should get 1st or 2nd in all their events). I am a bit worried that I will have one cranky baby since Max will be with me until 3:30. Which always reminds me to remind P to meet us at the Long Jump Pit (we are the¬†officiating¬†team for the Boy’s LJ).

2) Random Pet Peeve:

One of my pet peeves while watching TV shows or movies are actors who ‘play’ stringed instruments rather badly. Basically it is the bowing that pisses me off the most. But sometimes the fingering (get your mind outta the gutter) is awful as well. I know most of you would have no idea, but it really bothers me. One movie that did it well was Hiliary and Jackie, and the TV show Parenthood just had a cellist and she looked like she knew what she was doing/probably was an actual cellist.

3) Iced Coffee

I didn’t used to like iced coffee. Now I am getting in to it rather than drinking hot coffee. Thank you McD’s for having iced coffee for $1 for the entire summer……

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