Weekly Re-Cap

This was a busy week! I went to Toronto on Sunday, travelled around the GTA area visiting friends and headed back to Ottawa Tuesday afternoon. It is funny…when I am in Ottawa, I find it hard to make plans with anyone. When I am in Toronto, I am busy every moment and find it VERY hard to fit everyone in. For example this time I saw my relatives and my friends from University more than my usual Mississauga peeps. Missed my 10 year high school reunion though (it was yesterday).

Upon coming back I had track practice on Wednesday, afterwards I had to pick up P at school since he was driving a rental car and needed a drive back home. Both Tuesday and Wednesday nights I didn’t end up eating dinner until almost 10pm. On Wednesday I barely ate anything. It sucked! Mostly it was because I had not had a chance to go grocery shopping. That finally got done on Friday.


Lack of running this week because of my schedule. I ran a race on Sunday and ran a 5K steady run yesterday afternoon. This weekend is looking great, so I will be running Saturday and Sunday. Monday will be a rest day and then Tuesday as usual (when I’m not driving 8+ hours back home). I have a race with Max next Saturday, so I will just be focusing on my 5K training and will be running with Max every time. After next week it is countdown to my 10K. YAY!

Track and Field Coaching

We had our first outdoor meet on Thursday (another busy day!). P picked up Max at 3:30, which made it easier for me to coach the rest of the events without rolling around with Max in the Chariot. Luckily this meet wasn’t too busy! During the coaches meeting and registration I left Max with my students. Apparently that is weird? I could see them at all times, and I’ve known half the kids for years and also know their parents. I have no reason not to trust them. We had a few PB’s at the meet, and it is looking promising for a few of them. We were missing one of our key runners, who has the potential of doing really well, so I am curious to see what he will do!


I ate bad all week.

There, I said it.

I did have a nice piece of steak last night with a huge bowl of salad though!

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