Where are the food posts?

I haven’t posted much in terms of eats lately. Mostly because I’ve been a little busy and not so creative in the kitchen. Most of our dinners lately have been some kind of protein, veggie and maybe a carb. Or we have had take-out….

Eventually (once track is over), I will get back into the swing of things! Plus, Max will be starting the ‘good’ solids soon and we will obviously be experimenting a bit.  Also looking forward to the farm opening up again where I can get yummy, local fruits and veggies!

Last night I was on my own for dinner, so I wanted to make something quick and easy, but not carb-loaded. Kind of ate half a large pizza the other night….so, GO SALAD.

I BBQ’d some chicken, and prepared a salad bed for it to go with. Here is my:

BBQ Mango-Chicken Salad


– Chicken Breast

– Mango (frozen or fresh)

– Lettuce of your choice

– Tomato

– Red Onion

– Cucumber

– Almonds (didn’t have any for my salad last night…boo)

– Hoisin Sauce

– Sriracha Sauce

– Olive Oil


1) BBQ your chicken. I put hoisin sauce on mine. Hoisin sauce makes everything yummy

2) Make a salad. The ingredients I’ve listed above are what I put in mine, but feel free to add your own variation. I just put in whatever I have in my fridge at the time.

3) If your mango is frozen, put the pieces of fruit in a bowl with luke-warm water to defrost.

4) Salad dressing: Mix about a teaspoon of olive oil to a tablespoon of hoisin sauce. Add a dab of sriracha sauce (just a bit for flavour, this is not to make it super spicy). Taste it to make sure it isn’t too olive oil-y tasting.

5) Place the sliced BBQ chicken on top and enjoy


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