BBQ Salmon

I enjoy BBQ season and we tend to use the BBQ for half of our meals during the summer months. Even sometimes we BBQ in the winter (depending on the snow).

One of my favorite treats for the BBQ is Salmon and Rainbow Trout. There are only a few ways I know how to cook a fish fillet, and I pretty much only use salmon or trout. Making it on the BBQ prevents your house from smelling, and is really really easy to do!

Fish of choice: Salmon or rainbow trout

What do you need?


Lemons or Lemon juice


Salt and Pepper

Aluminum Foil – tough grade, for BBQ

What to do?

1) Layer two sheets of foil on the counter – the size should be enough to wrap whatever size fillet you have. Bend the edges a bit so you have a little ‘box’ of foil so that the liquid you put it will not spill all over the place

2) Place the Fillet in the foil. You do not have to remove the skin.

3) Scoop a couple of pieces of butter and place directly on the fish. It doesn’t need to be melted/soft or anything. It is just easier to cut a piece of butter if it is soft ­čÖé

4) If you have fresh lemons, slice a few pieces and put on top of the fillet as well. If you only have lemon juice, pour out about 2 tablespoons and drizzle over the fish.

5) Sprinkle Parsley, Salt and Pepper

6) Wrap up the foil so the fish is covered, but allow a small hole for steam to escape

7) Place on the BBQ on indirect heat (meaning only fire up one burner) for about 10 minutes or so. Obviously cooking time depends on the size and thickness of your fish.

8) Serve and enjoy!

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