Day before Race Day

I wrote most of this entry earlier, but now because of a scheduling thing, I may not be racing tomorrow. Our jeep needs to be fixed (google death wobble if you want to know why) and P wants to get started on it early tomorrow AM. If I didn’t have Max, I could just bike down to the Aviation Museum and run a slower race, but he can’t go in the Chariot attached to the bike yet 🙁

So we will see….



So tomorrow is Emilie’s Run. I will have absolutely no problem running the race, but I am unsure whether I will be ‘racing the race’ meaning going all out. I think it will be a race-day decision on how I am feeling. This week I haven’t had more than 5 hours of sleep and I’m pretty tired. Also, thanks to the heat wave, I haven’t been able to go out running other than on Tuesday. Not sure if the humidity will be over with by Saturday – It is still supposed to be sunny and warm. I’m not worried or anything, just don’t know if I will be getting a PB or not.

Kinda wishing it was going to be cold and rainy….


This race is the same as the Mother’s Day Race that I ran last month. This is the 3rd time I’ve run the course as well (Emilie’s Run is the same). So the benefit is that I know the course. This race is a fast out and back route and features cash prizes for the top runners (so not me!). The first KM is wicked fast as it is downhill (which includes an on-ramp type deal). The majority of the race is flat, minus the one part at the end where it goes up the downhill portion you started off with. The trick this time is that I need to get going on that last 500m or so a whole lot earlier. During the Mother’s Day Race I started my sprint at the end way too late and felt like I could have gone faster much earlier. This time I will start to increase my speed as soon as I hit the outer boundary of the Aviation Museum.

Predicted Time? I’m thinking 29 minutes again. If my legs hold out I *could* do a 28 minute 5K, but we will see.

Changes? Going to run without the chariot, we will see if I still ‘fly’ during the first KM (the chariot pulled me last time). I’m also going to bring my iPod tomorrow and run with music for only the 2nd time this year.


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  1. Heather

    Ah I hope you get to race!! It would be disappointing not to!


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