East-OFSAA Recap

If you follow me on FB or Twitter, you know that we are bringing 4 athletes to OFSAA (Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations for you non-Ontario friends). This is the biggest team to go to OFSAA in at least four years!


– Kevin: 110m Hurdles

– Alexia: 80m Hurdles

– Nick: Long Jump

– Nathan: 100m and 200m Sprints


The competition was 1.5 days; Thursday afternoon and all day Friday. I only had to take Nathan, Alexia and Jaimee on Thursday and we were finished in a few hours. The Thursday only has a smaller group, so the track (at a high school in Brockville) wasn’t too busy. The weather cooperated and we had a good time.

Jaimee had her high jump, which isn’t her event. Her goal was to come in ‘not last’, and she reached that goal, coming in 11th. Nathan won his heat in the 200m sprints, and then came in 2nd in the finals. He has not hit his PB in a few weeks, so I am curious to see if he does that this Saturday at OFSAA! Alexia ran a PB in the 300m hurdles, but came in 5th (top 4 go to OFSAA). The east hurdlers are really really good, and it sucks that you have a great time, but don’t qualify for OFSAA. Looking at the performance list for this week: she is easily in the top half, but that is how this works.

After the meet, we headed to dinner to fill up on pasta. Little disappointed that Alexia did not finish her giant pile of pasta…….(inside joke)


Day 2 was a busier day for us. We loaded up in the car at 7:30 and headed to Brockville again. The traffic was reasonable and we got there in about an hour. When we turned on to the 401, we could see dark clouds and of course it started to rain. The rain wasn’t too bad, until 5pm when it just started pouring. We got completely soaked, and so did all of our gear. Since day 2 was busier, there were tents everywhere. I am a little worried that with OFSAA being gigantic, we will have no space for a tent for Friday. Normally this isn’t an issue because we have 1) shaded stands and 2) an inside location like an university athletic building. We have neither of these things this year since we will be at a high school. ¬†Even if the day is sunny, we still need shelter from the sun/heat. Not sure how this is going to work….

Anyhoo, events. Alexia, Kevin and Nathan easily qualified for their hurdles/100m finals. The jumps however, not so good. At our facility in Ottawa our pits have take-off boards, the ones at this meet just had a painted line. We are not sure whether it was the rain, being tired or the boards, but our jumping was not up to our standards on Friday. Nick was the only one who qualified out of the 4 jumpers. Nathan, Kevin and Jaimee were well under their usual jumps. It happens though.

The sprint hurdle finals were pretty nerve-wreaking. It is Kevin’s last year and Alexia really wanted to qualify (ok, who doesn’t?) so it was all up to the hurdles. Luckily they both came in 3rd, without PB’s. Nathan did not have a good start in his 100m, but he still came in 4th to qualify. He should have been 2nd, so again, it will be interesting to see how he does at OFSAA.

So that is that. Last week of track and field for 2012 is here!


Funny: on the way to the finish-line portion of the stands, I was carrying Max in my arms. Each time I passed by, I could hear people going ‘ohhh look at the baby…awww’. Kind of weird. Yes, it is a baby….?

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