Hot Humid Days

If you live in Ontario/Quebec you obvsiously know that there is a bit of a heat wave going on right now. I think this is the first heat wave (more than 1 day of heat) of the season. Is this going to be a sign of what to come during the summer? Lots of humid days? Yuck! I hate humidity with a passion. It makes me uncomfortable, sticky, and I feel like I am always sweating (why do I always sweat?!). Right now it is 23 degrees right now, but it feels like 31. But the ‘feels like’, is just one problem with humidity. When we have humid days, I find it harder to breath and the air feels thick. I can deal with the heat – but the heaviness sucks!

So Max and I will not be running for the next couple of days. We set out for a short run yesterday at 10am and halfway through the run I could start feeling the humidity start up. I planned on just doing a 5K, and I did do my 5K route. I did walk the last KM though as I felt like crap. I also started to feel that spot in my ankle that I can’t for the life of me figure out what is happening there. With the new shoes my shin splint problem has disappeared, but this ankle thing is still there. I will see how this race goes on Saturday and perhaps it is time for a doctor’s visit to figure out what is going on. Also, it doesn’t really hurt yet – it just feels a bit tight I guess?  I’m worried that it might really start to hurt and don’t want to over-do it.

Other than the Warrior Dash, I have no plans for any more summer races, so I think a good rest is in order (I have run 4 races in May/June). Technically I am supposed to be starting my training for the half…but honestly I already have a bit of a base, so I might start at the 12w mark rather than the 18w mark. But looking at the “Half – To complete” training schedule – First couple of weeks are 3K runs anyways.

Running Pet Peeve: When a random black fly finds you and then decides to chase you for quite some time. Nothing more annoying than a buzzing insect flying around your head trying to bite you!


To escape the heat for the next couple of days, what can you do?

– Go to the mall

– Go see a movie

– Sit in your basement (if you have one)

– Go to Ikea and eat meatballs and test out furniture (no joke, this is on my agenda for tomorrow)

– Go Swimming

– Eat lots of popsicles/eat a DQ ice cream cake for dinner

Stay cool everyone!!

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  1. Kristen

    I really, really hate humidity. I started my run before 6 am this morning and the heat and humidity were already ridiculous (well, for me anyway – I don’t deal well) and I felt like I was running for the first time. My legs felt heavy and I felt so out of shape. I’m trying my best to remind myself that it is because I was running in air that felt like soup…

    1. Rebecca

      That was my thought yesterday too “Why am I tired 1K in? What am I a newbie?”


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