Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday everyone!

For those in Ontario and Quebec, hope you are staying cool with our lil heatwave! I’m glad I am not working right now so that I can wear my gym clothes all day 🙂 Today I think I am heading to the Ikea to basically look around, eat meatballs and take advantage of some powerful A/C action.

Anyways, three things Thursday

1) Da da da daaaaa

New iMac!


It finally came in yesterday after waiting about a week. Yes, I know I could have just gone to the Apple Store at Rideau and bought it last week, but I wasn’t in a rush. Plus, I would have had to drag Max there, shuffle around with a 16Kg iMac box and would have paid for parking (and gas). Since I already knew what I wanted, I ordered it online and it was shipped for free. I got a little educator’s discount, as well a free $100 gift card for the App/Music store. I’m thinking Aperture, but $100 is a whole lotta music too!

Yes, I do have a ‘wired’ keyboard. But I really really like having a numeric keypad on my keyboard and I missed it on the Macbook (my old lappy had one). When you are a teacher and do marks, it is handy to have one (as well as for doing financial stuff). I know Steve Jobs would be all ‘wahhh a wire!’, but I really don’t care. I did get a trackpad as I already have the newest Mighty Mouse. So far the trackpad is easy if you are used to using a laptop already.  I will miss using my thumbs to move the curser when typing

2) There was a sale at The Bay for the Olympic gear, so I bought matching T-shirts for Paul, Max and myself. That may be a bit lame, but again I don’t care 🙂 We be the cutest family on the block, haha! So looking forward to the Olympics!!

3) I was supposed to get my hair done on the 1st, but I honestly thought I had scheduled it for the 15th. I, of course, failed to schedule it on iCal and in the weekly part of my written planner. So I didn’t show up. I would have had to re-schedule as I was away that day with track. I saw my hairstylist yesterday at the mall and apologized. She said not a worry and she figured something came up with Max (nope….just me and track *sigh*). So I have re-scheduled for July and you bet I have already put it in iCal.

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