Wacky Wednesday!

Bringing back Wacky Wednesday as I was going to discuss running today, but because of the weather/OFSAA/busy schedule, I have failed to run this week. I do plan on going out today, as the temperature is perfect and it is not pouring rain today.  My 5K is coming up, and I’m unsure whether PBing is a realistic goal now. Still going to try – I just don’t have the time during track season to really get out there and run, even if it is only for 30 minutes or so.

Today’s Wednesday isn’t all that wacky. In fact it is kind of boring. I may (for the first time in months) go to the Babies and Me movies at the local theatre. It is that Snow White movie playing which isn’t really my cup of tea – but they have tons of toys there that Max will actually be interested in. Or perhaps I will just stay at home and relax, and go for an afternoon walk/run instead?

My parents are coming up on Friday, and my SIL is coming up tonight from California – which means my next couple of days will be busy. Max has his doctor’s appointment on Friday as well. Tomorrow night is Coaches Banquet, fun! After this weekend my schedule kind of dies off….for two weeks, then:

Summer School!

I received my assignment for summer school yesterday. Teaching the same course I have taught a few times (as well as during last year’s summer session), but at the closet school to me (a ten minute drive). Looking forward to it!


We had our CW athletic banquet last night – It was lots of fun as usual. Kevin earned the ‘Coaches Award’ for Track and Field, Nathan was award ‘Jr. Male Athlete’, and Hailey from XC earned the ‘Coaches Award’ for XC. Well done!  Another great coaching season comes to an end. Hopefully I will be back next year 🙂



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