What’s on the Burger?

During the summer months, I probably eat burgers at least once a week. BBQ’d of course, they are pretty much a staple. They are so easy and tasty. We generally make our own burgers around here. Actually the next time ground beef is on sale, I should pick up an extra pack and make a whole load of burgs to throw in our freezer.

Making burgers is a pretty easy thing to do. It requires little to no ingredients, and with them, there is a little wiggle room for some creativity. Of course there is lots of creativity when it comes to toppings. If you have ever been to The Works, you know how many combinations there can be!


Burger Patties 

Medium Ground beef.  You want juicy burgers? You need some medium ground beef! You can mix in half and half if you wish. But since I’ve used medium, lean and extra-lean, I can tell you that medium is the best for juiciness!

Onions. Chunky or finely chopped, your call. I personally like my onions to be in chunks

 Worcestershire Sauce. Got me a giant bottle of this stuff from the Costco

Coriander, Salt and Pepper for your spices

Fresh chopped garlic – or garlic powder if that is all you have on hand

**Some people add bread crumbs and eggs to their burgers. I do not anymore. I find that if I pre-make the burgs and throw them in the fridge for an hour there is no ‘breakage’.


My Ultimate Burger

– Mayo

– Ketchup

– Mustard

– Dill pickle slices

– Onions

– Tomato

– Cheese

– Salsa

– Avocado


What do you like on your burgers?

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