You know you are a track/running coach when….

At East OFSAA this week, I started thinking about things that one may do if they are a track/running coach. All of these are from my own experiences…and some happen multiple times through-out the season.



You know you are a Track/Running coach when:

1) You find safety pins everywhere – in your bag, car, on the floor….everywhere

2) You own more pairs of running shoes than dress shoes – and when you have to wear said dress shoes, it feels so unnatural

3) You get some wicked sock-tan

4) It is not at all unusual that you have a relay baton in your baby’s stroller. Or purse/backpack/car

5) Words like : PB, Stride, Starts, Warm-up, Cool-down, pace, qualifier, spikes, pinny, stutter-step are used on a daily (if not hourly on race day) basis

6) When you are faced with an ‘exchange only’ policy at a store when returning dress pants – you decide to exchange them for more work-out wear

7) You like to run races too – and you bet that you indeed have a medal wall

8 ) Hearing things like ‘stress-fracture’, ‘shin splints’, ‘torn ligament’ makes you want to curse to the heavens

9) You ask “what did you have for dinner/lunch/breakfast” and no one things you are weird. You also have a ready supply of snacks in your bag in case anyone is hungry

10) You encourage students to wear more spandex and students come up to you and tell you that they bought blue (or whatever the school colours are) spandex over the weekend



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