Carrier Debate

While browsing my twitter followers the other day, I noticed a tweet that focused on babies being bored in strollers and how the person wanted to had each parent who she saw with a stroller a carrier.

Although I do get the sentiment behind the message (that maybe parents don’t know about the carriers out there), I did point out that not every baby likes carriers. Max is one of those baby. When ‘baby shopping’ and making registry lists, I asked for a Moby (wrap-style carrier). When Max grew out of that, I purchased a Beco Gemini Carrier. We were also gifted an MEC ‘Happy Trails’ backpack. Although the Moby was great for the first 2-3 months, he ended up hating it. He lasts about 15 minutes in the Beco before he starts screaming. He isn’t big enough for the Happy Trails one, but I’m hoping that he likes it so we can go hiking one of these days. But the main idea is – Max does not like to be carried, especially in public.

For those of you who have met Max, you know that unless he is hungry/tired, he is a very well-mannered baby. However, put him in a carrier and he will scream bloody murder. Two of his epic public meltdowns have been when he was being carried. I cannot for the life of my figure out why. I do think it is a combo of being ‘tied down’ and not being able to fully see everything (especially in the Moby). Also, after the first 3-4 weeks, Max was not able to fall asleep in any carrier. Once he became ‘self-aware’ (which was really early in his case), he pretty much wanted out.

I was able to wear him on a bus and around school a couple of times. If I wanted to sit down and do work or something – never! I think he just doesn’t like to be carried as simple as that

The comment irked me because the tweeter assumed that all babies are bored in a stroller. Max loves his chariot rides and it calms him down. He loves to look around and see the world. Other than the first initial ‘buckling in’, he doesn’t make a peep. Unless he is hungry….

All babies are different, we are told over and over again. So why is it that people think that babies should/shouldn’t do certain things? There is a difference between information sharing and judging someone. I would honestly be annoyed if someone handed me a carrier thinking that I don’t have 3.

Anyways that is just my thoughts on that. I love carriers and really wish that Max liked them a bit more. It would make things a little bit more easy and fun!

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  1. Rebecca

    I understand! Even though I loved the carrier, both my kids liked being in a stroller at different time – sometimes it was just easier for my back! Or in the heat etc. I definitely love love my carrier and it did make things more hands free and easy at times, but that’s only because my kids liked it too.

    1. Rebecca

      Oh the heat! I’m not sure how people in the southern states baby-wear all the time. I’m usually sweating up a storm 🙂

      The beco is super comfy for my back – which is why I went with it when Max got a bit bigger. It is really comfy

  2. Kristen

    Uh…have you met self-righteous people? Because you need no special skills or degrees to become a parent, everyone is an expert and everyone’s way is the best way. Duh. 😉

    1. Rebecca

      hahaha! The tweeter (?) and I had a little convo about it. But I said not every baby is the same! Max is a bit of a wackadoodle from time to time 🙂


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