Farm Boy Trip

Last week a new Farm Boy location opened up close to Place d’Orleans in Orleans. For those who are not from the Ottawa area, Farm Boy is a chain of grocery stores that specializes in quality produce, meats, cheeses and bakery items. They also have a killer ‘fast food’ section where you can get a variety of foods to pick up. The new location at Place has a salad bar – one of the few places around that has a ‘to-go’ salad bar.

The best part about the new Farm Boy is the fact that it is just a few minutes from my house. It is a 2 minute drive, or a 10-15 minute walk. The highway separates my house from the Place d’Orleans area, but I live really close to the OCTranspo Park and Ride, so it is easy to just cross using the OC path that goes over the 174.

Using the paths around my house, the mall (Place d’Orleans) and a few quick minutes outside, I can be at Farm Boy fairly quickly.

Here we are entering Place

Then an elevator ride

Quick walk at Place


We did lock up the Chariot for safe keeping.

Max is now happy!

We picked up some veggies, peaches, cheese (St. Alberts, yum), and Farm Boy Hummus and Tomato Sauce with Fresh Basil (meaning you can see the green – not some dried stuff).

I may have also had a Pear-Almond muffin…….

If you live in Ottawa I highly recommend Farm Boy for your grocery needs!

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  1. Misty Pratt

    We live so close to each other!! We should get together at Farm Boy for coffee and muffins 🙂 (@chickadeedoula)

    1. Rebecca

      We should! I thought the whole walk would take 30 minutes, but it was pretty fast when cutting through the mall – about the same amount of time it takes to get to the Metro by St. Matt’s


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