It is official…..

I rarely discuss work on this blog – but I do have an announcement:

I found out yesterday that I will be going back to work in September (although more like end of August). Which means essentially my Mat-leave is over (or at least the mat-leave that is by myself). I finish summer school at the end of the month and will have about 3 weeks off before I go back for the last week of August.

It may seem a bit weird that I am cutting my 12 months of paid mat leave time off short – but the deal with my job (and more deciding – my actual position)  is: you either go back in September or February. There are things that come up during the year – but they are last minute positions that can’t really happen due to finding daycare problems. Because my mat leave benefits run out on December 1st, I really wanted to try to get a job for September and go back 3 months early to avoid having to go until mid to late February without a pay check.

Right now I am only going back part-time. I am not sure what my schedule is like yet, but should find that out soon. I am most likely putting Max in daycare all day as to secure a spot as there will be times I need him in daycare all day (i.e. Cross Country days, or days that I fill my time table up with a supply gig). My salary will allow for this and I am pretty confident that I will be able to get some extra $$ by filling in for extra classes when necessary.

Another reason why I am glad it is part-time is that I am teaching new courses. After 3 long years I am finally teaching geography again. My bigger challenge though – English….Should be interesting – but I think I will enjoy the challenge. Also means that I should get reading again (I have only read 1 book in 7 months – YIKES).

Anyways I am really supposed to be reading research papers right now – Have a great day 🙂

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