This week in Running

This week is running has been pretty good. I went for a 9.5K long run on Sunday. Lots of people were out and about and the weather was near perfect. I slowed down my pace significantly and if it were not for wanting to be back in about an hour, I would have gone for 10K. My legs didn’t hurt and neither did my ankle.


On Tuesday I did a Tempo Run with Max in tow. Tempo runs with the Chariot = not really ‘fast’ tempo times, but I still picked it up a notch in order to get my heart rate up. The sucky thing? My Garmin died at 1.5K. I do know my KM markings very well on my typical running route, but I cannot estimate times very well. Unfortunately with a tempo run, timing is important. So I just guesstimated and went on my way. I did 4K with the first and last 500m as a warm up and cool down.


Monday we just went for a walk and ran into the ‘Coach to 5K’ Running Room Group. They were doing great! I saw them again when I went for a walk with Max on Wednesday night. I was supposed to do a Hills workout on Wednesday but P was out and taking the Chariot up a hill is a one way ticket to some ankle pain. So it was a no go.


Running is going well again. I am not really under any pain while running, which means the new shoes/inserts are working. I am also not focusing on getting faster, but building a longer base. There is no reason why I need to be ‘smokin fast’ for the half, so why risk an injury with 2 months to go?


In a related thought – I think I finally have enough tech-shirts to last me a whole week of running, yay!!


Have a great weekend!

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