This week in training

It is another hot week here in O-town. Because I am by myself I have to be a little picky about when I go out. However, my Mom is flying in today to watch Max while I go to work, so I shouldn’t have a problem going for evening runs this week after Mr. Poopy goes to bed.

Last Week:

I am following The Running Room’s Half Marathon program (to finish in 2:30). I think 2:30 is a very reasonable goal. I am not fast/it is my first half, so my focus will be to complete, not to PB or anything. Because I have already been running this season I started the training schedule at week 5, rather than starting at the beginning (where I wouldn’t get to the end before the race). I am also modifying the program a bit since I cannot go running 5x a week right now – it is just too hard. As soon as P gets back, I might be able to do it. My focus is on 1 long run, 1 tempo run or hills (1 of each if I can get 4 runs in) and 1 steady run.

I did not get to do a long run last week. I did have a race on the Saturday, so a long run did not happen on the Sunday. Nor did it happen this past Sunday as I was a wee bit busy with Canada Day festivities. I will be going on one next week.

I managed to do one tempo run and one steady run (well, and the race). The one thing I will say about going at the 2:30 pace, is that my pacing for training is a bit too slow for my liking. Honestly, I am probably going to hover more at the 2:15 pacing. My long runs are supposed to be around 8:00-9:00 per KM…..that is really slow/pretty much my walking pace. The 2:15 pace is at from 7:20-8:20, which is a bit more to my liking. We will see how this goes. The distance of the workouts is essentially the same, so really I am doing the 2:15 pacing…

For the tempo run, my average pace was right on the money. For steady run, I was a bit faster, however that run was only 3K 🙂

So far the training is going well. I do know that some of those long runs are going to suck. There are quite a few Sunday’s where timing will be an issue. That and as I’ve noted several times – I don’t like the heat. I will have to go early, perhaps after I feed Max in the early AM? At least P will be home to watch him. Long runs in the chariot (especially when we go past 8K) are just not going to happen.

Happy training to the rest of you!

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