Weekend Re-Cap

I am taking a bit of a break from school work to get this post written. I am switching classes tomorrow from Careers to Civics, and since I’ve only taught Civics once before, it requires a ‘bit’ more prep-work. Mostly to review my powerpoint slides for giant spelling errors I made when designing the course last year…..

We had a busy weekend. On Friday after work we had dinner and then headed to Costco to get some supplies for the weekend. Of course I found other things to buy, including a club-pack of Clif Bars. Normally I get them for about $2 a piece at the store – Costco price 80 cents….SOLD!

On Saturday we had breakfast and then packed up the car to head to my family’s annual BBQ reunion in Belleville. Lots of great food and family. This year we had 3 babies! They sat and played for pretty much the entire day. Max and his cousin Alina had a nap upstairs during the afternoon and when they woke up they apparently just sat their giggling and babbling to each other. Super cute! Max enjoyed his peach in his mesh eater and some how a bit later Alina had grabbed it and was munching on it too. Apparently she had not had peach before (or anything but a bit of rice cereal). Opps! 🙂

Max was great until about 8pm when he started to melt down (it was his bedtime). He didn’t really hit the hay until well after 9pm. I thought he would sleep in – NOPE. Also Mr. Poopy Pants once again decided no to go poop outside of his own house. He didn’t go until he got to his own house. 30 minutes of walking in the door – he went.

What a weird kid.

No running was done this weekend. Why? Because somehow I managed to lock/pop/screw up my knee on Friday. I was walking into the Library/Summer School office, took a step and bam, knee gives out. I didn’t fall or anything, but it hurt a bit. I ended up limping the rest of the day. It still hurts just a bit, but it should be better in a couple of days. I think I am going to just take it easy this week though.


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