Bon Echo Trip

This is Part I of a three-part blog-post on our camping trip to Bon Echo. Visit again tomorrow for a post about camping with baby and on Wednesday a post about the Do’s and Don’ts of car camping


We decided in the spring that we should attempt at going camping with Max in the summer. Camping can be lots of fun and is fairly relaxing. Because Max can’t really go into a canoe yet, it had to be car-camping for us. We chose to go to Bon Echo for the second year in a row. We decided to go there again because of the proximity to Ottawa (about 2 hours), there are lots of things to do there and it is a very nice park.

Bon Echo Provincial Park is just north of Kaladar, Ontario. It offers a variety of forms of camping: car-camping, spots for RVs and some back-country camping.The main differences between car camping and canoe/back country camping is the amenities at the location. The car camping section (Mazinaw) has flush toilets, showers, paved roads and you are always within spitting distance of someone else. Back-country camping sites have nothing but thunder-boxes (outhouses) and a picnic table. We had to chose car-camping due to the need to be near a water source and in case of emergency. In a couple of years time we would like to go canoe camping.

We went on our trip from Sunday-Friday in order to beat the regular weekend rush and leave before the long weekend. We had a site in the middle of Mazinaw, really close to a flush(!!) toilet and water pump. We needed to purchase a new tent for our trip because of Max’s Pack and Play. Most of our equipment is P’s stash from all his years of camping. We struggled to fit everything in the Jeep and had to install the ski box on the roof.

We did many things while camping including swimming at all three lakes, going for ice cream, walks and checking out the leaves. Max didn’t mind camping one bit and he barely had any outbursts. One of the gifts from our baby shower was a MEC Happy Trials carrier. We finally got to use it. Unfortunately the trial we attempted to go on was covered with mosquitos, so we had to just stick to the roads (Max can’t wear bug spray).

On the topic of bugs – the bees/hornets/wasps were really annoying! Every meal time we were attacked by them. Nobody was stung, but P did smoosh over 8 bees. The rest of the bugs were not bad at all! The camp was very noisy as it was packed for most of the week. I would have preferred a bit more piece and quiet, but what can you do?

We had fun and are planning on doing two camping trips next year – one at Bon Echo and one at another camp ground.


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  1. Dana

    What kind of tent did you get? I am looking for one that will fit a playpen but don’t know which ones are good – thx!

    1. ~Rebecca~ (Post author)

      It is the Eureka Bon Echo 600 – we bought it at sail – it’s large, but not massive. We can stand up in it which makes all the difference! Max has his own mattress now which fits in perfectly


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