Running Update

There is less than one month to go before the Ottawa Army Run – Half marathon! I hope that everyone who is training for something is doing alright. In reading a couple of blogs this week, I’ve noticed that the “mommy-crew” of runners are struggling a bit with their goals/training schedule. This is definitely to be expected when you are training with an infant child. You do what you can!

I am definitely in the same boat. The longest run that I have done so far is 11-ish KM, and that was awhile ago. This Sunday, all I managed was 7K before it was time to go and feed Max lunch. It is not that I cannot run more than 11K, it is just some timing/traveling issues that have come up. I cannot just go for a run willy nilly at any time of the day. If I am taking Max (which I do 90% of the time), then it has to be in between feeding times and nap times. I also cannot go out with a high humidex reading, nor can I go out when it is raining (with Max, I can get wet!). Timing has not been a help!

I have managed to go out at least every other day on weeks that we have been home. I am just running distances between 4K and 6K (which is fine). The long runs are barely happening. They take longer (hence the name long run) and requires more planning. We also go to church now on Sundays, so that has hampered my ‘Sunday Long-Run’ plans as by the time I get out it is 11:00-ish, hot and Max is getting hungry. This Sunday was a fairly hot and sunny one, and when I was in the sun I felt like I was in an oven. I do not want to repeat that again next week – so I either have to go out on a different day, or not sleep-in and go at 6:30am.

Last week I went for:

2 steady runs at 4K each

1 ‘long run’ at 7K

At least I am running!!

I am sure that the Army Run race will go ok. I plan on doing some serious running for the next 3 weekends. If I can get up to the 16K mark, I know I will be fine. The last 5K of the race is the same 5K route that I’ve been on several times. My plan is to do 10 and 1’s (10 minutes running, followed by 1 minute walking) and just have fun.

It should be about having fun right?

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