17K Done!

Yesterday was long run Sunday, and since we attended Church on Saturday night, I had the morning free to go for an actual long run. The weather was perfect – sunny and cool. I headed out at 9am, planning to run for at least two hours.


My usual route is down this one street by my house on to the Ottawa River Path. It is the same path I run on all the time, and is the one that passes right behind my school. To go farther, I would have to go onto the Rockcliffe Parkway for a bit before tucking back onto the path. The path was really busy today – lots of other long runners and many bikers.

One of the great things about this path is the scenery. It runs right along the river. Since the parkway was not closed (no more Bike Sundays – when they close the road down), I had to run on the gravel path right along the river. Some great things to look at while running!


The plan was to do 18K. I go to the 8K mark or so and saw that I was at the 1 hour mark, so I turned around. I also wasn’t really liking the fact that at that point I was the only one on the path. At the 9K mark I took a big walking break (I do 10 and 1’s all the time), to eat a Clif bar and go to the washroom (TMI I know). At that point I saw the Running Room Runners and set off behind them. They were going a bit too fast for my liking. I kept a fairly steady pace the entire time – hovering at the 7:25 mark. Only with the last 4K or so did I start to really feel the pain. I was planning on just doing laps around the block to get to 18K, but somehow I turned off the Nike Running app (forgot to charge the Garmin – d’oh!) so I called it a day.

I am feeling a-ok muscle and cardio wise. My knees were better today, but still hurt a bit. I feel fine now though. The only thing that I need to remember is to eat more during running and to make sure I get some sort of food/beverage in me right after running. Making a side note to purchase some chocolate milk.


I am feeling pretty confident that I will be fine for the half-marathon in two weeks. Considering that I was feeling the same way last week at 11K that I felt at 17K this week, I’m sure the extra 4 and a bit KM will be fine. I am taking it easy from now on though. Just light runs are on the docket until race day!


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