11 years ago today I was playing a game of softball with my Grade 13 Phys Ed class. I remember hitting a home run and having a great time. Halfway through the class our gym teacher called us over into a huddle. He told us that he had something very serious to tell us, that the United States of America was under attack and that the World Trade Centre Buildings were gone.

I’m not exactly sure what period I had Phys Ed or if I even went to English class (I might have skipped), but I remember hopping on a bus home to watch the TV with my Mom who was home at the time. This was a time before Twitter, Facebook or even Smart phones. There was no such thing as Wireless and all we had at that time to catch up on our news was the TV (which our school did not really have). So, I went home.

I watched TV at home for a bit. Again, I cannot really remember what was on or what was said, but everyone was freaking out. I returned to school for the afternoon. We didn’t do anything. My writer’s craft teacher simply talked to us. Nothing else.

I don’t remember anything else from the day. I probably watched quite a bit of CNN and other news networks.

Today 11 years later, I reflect on what was the saddest, most terrifying day of recent history.

September 11, 2001 – always remember, never forget. 


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  1. steve wemyss

    hey bec great blog on 9/11
    most empressed


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