Army Run Race kit pick-up


I booted it down to the city today to pick up our race kits for Sunday’s races.  I wanted to avoid rush hour, and hoped to avoid the Saturday rush as well!

Unfortunately, the moment I got off the bus at Laurier it started pouring buckets and I got soaked, even though I had an umbrella! I walked as quickly as I could to the tent just across from City Hall.

The line-up this year at 3pm was much more manageable than last year’s huge line. The weird thing was that there was this big line for the 5K pick up, but no one in line for the half. I actually stood in the 5K line that I thought was for the half – but it was just the line winding around. No biggie though. I walked up to the half marathon booth and got my bib and shirt in no time. I did have to venture into the 5K line to pick up P’s bib and shirt.

After I scooted over to the Army hall to go to the Expo. Not as many booths as the Run Weekend – but all I really wanted was the Running Room anyways. I picked up some of those gel things, some arm warmers and a pair of socks.

A quick stop at the bib check computer and I was done! I hoped on a bus and was in Orleans by 4pm – with enough time to pick up Max from daycare!

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