First Day of School!

Another short post today since I had to be in school early today due to the ‘First Day Staff Meeting’ (I primarily write in the mornings). ¬†Eventually I will get back in the swing of things and on more of a routine.

Today is the first day back to school for the English high schools (French schools went back last week). It is a bit of a hectic day since we do a special program for the grade nines, and because of that: our day is short. We are ‘off’ for the rest of the afternoon – but we have to work with our department groups and there are also various meetings.

Although I went back to teaching in the summer, it is still a bit of a shock to the system for me. The biggest concern is that I am teaching a brand new subject, English. Although I am very familiar with the material: it is still a different subject than any other subject because it is language based. Once I wrap my head around the course, I should be fine!

The morning routine with Max went fine – we were out the door by 7:45. When he was dropped off at daycare, he immediately saw the cats and then chased them. I think Max wants a kitty for a pet! Well, so does Mommy…

Anyways, I am hungry and there is a hot dog with my name on it. Have a great Tuesday!


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