Gear for Army Run

It is the day before the Army Run! Yaaaay! Everyone is getting ready today – picking up race kits, eating well and getting things ready. I am not going to the pasta dinner tonight (I have to go to church tonight since we are skipping tomorrow), but plan on having pasta at home. I plan on going to bed extra early tonight to try and get about 8 hours sleep tonight. Max usually wakes up around 6-6:30, so I know I am getting up early regardless. I believe we will take off from Orleans around 7:15ish or so. However, this now depends on if P will be racing tomorrow or not – the weather forecast has changed and now it is looking like it will be cool, but not raining in the AM tomorrow. So if he decides to race, we need to leave at around 6:45 instead. It just takes a bit extra time to get the chariot set up and whatnot.

So my gear for tomorrow is as follows:

– MEC Racing shorts. My standard race bottoms

– MEC running shirt or my ‘One bad mother runner’ shirt – this will be a game day decision

– Arm warmers


– Garmin watch

– New Balance shoes

– Running room ‘no blister’ socks

– One orange and blue headband

– MEC sport sunglasses

– iPhone arm band


– Sport Gels

– 1 bag containing my Army Run half-marathon shirt, CW sweatpants, clean pair of socks/under-roos, and a sweater



Final Thoughts:

I have no idea on how this race is going to go.¬†Obviously¬†I did not train as hard as I could have, but it will be fine. It seems to be the trend with the running baby-mama’s out there that nobody gets past the 17K mark in training. Oh well! In my training, I stop because of time, not because I am hurting. So since I do not have to take care of Max tomorrow and can take pretty much as long as I like: it doesn’t really matter to me. I have my tunes if I need it, and the last 5K are so busy with crowds cheering that I’m sure I will do just fine!

Good luck to everyone racing tomorrow! It is bound to be a great day for racing!!!

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