Race Recovery with an Infant

So I don’t know what most people do after a big race like a half marathon or marathon – but I think most people like to veg out a bit and have a relaxing rest of the day.

Unless you are a parent.

There was no resting for me on Sunday. When we got home, before I had a chance to shower, Max needed his lunch. After lunch P watched him for a bit so I could shower. We then proceeded to play. Playing with a nine-month old who loves to crawl and climb = you are on the ground, on your hands and knees and playing. Being on your knees a few hours after running over 21K…..not ‘yay!!!’

After a way too short nap, where Mommy didn’t get half-done of what she needed to get done, it is time for more playing. Soon however, somebody starts to want to go outside and you have realized you have no milk or fresh fruit for the next day. Daddy is working on the jeep so you drag out the stroller and proceed to walk the 1.5 Km’s to the Farm Boy and back.

Then it is time to make dinner. Or in Max language “yay, it is time to touch everything I’m not supposed to touch time”. Soon after dinner it is time for a bath where I get a second shower because somebody thinks splashing is just hilarious.

Finally it is bed-time and Mr. Max is just plain tuckered out from his adventures of the day. Finally a time to unwind – after doing the dishes, making bottles, doing the laundry and putting away the toys…….

No wonder I fell asleep at 9:45pm 🙂

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  1. ozzie wemyss

    it looks like max is trying to escape from those parents the keep dressing me up


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