Running Update

Well there is just over 2 weeks to go before ARMY RUN!

I went for a decent long run on Sunday and plan to go tomorrow for a very long run. Starting Monday, I have Cross Country, so I will occasionally run with them for the next two weeks. After this weekend, I may do one more long run and that will be it. Done, done, done! I attempted to go for a run last night, but my neck has been hurting all week due to working in a crappy chair all week at school. I need to remedy the chair situation quickly, as when I run it aggravates my neck and running becomes a chore. This isn’t something I need right before a half-marathon!

The long run felt great last week. Other than my knees hurting a bit, everything else was good. I was also very steady with my KM’s hovering at 7:30. P and Max went roller blading and went a bit further. I was just on my way back when they passed me. Apparently I was not too far back at the end as P said he was only home for about 10 minutes when I came back.

Some thoughts while running:

– The shorts I wore – ugh, never again! I kept having to adjust them as they were riding up and becoming annoying. For the Army Run, I will be wearing my standard MEC Running shorts that do not ride up at all, and have a pocket for the iPod

– Guy on a unicycle – well, it is Bike Sunday…..

– Warm water is not as satisfying as cold water

– Running with the iPod during the race will be a treat

– tank top for the Army Run for sure!

Alrighty, time for school. Everyone have a fantastic Friday!


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