Some Tips for the Army Run!

There are only a few more days until the Army Run!! Yaaaaaay! So far the weather is looking a bit cool and wet, but oh well, better than hot and humid!  If it does rain, Max and P will not be racing, but I am going regardless. I had contacts ordered so that I don’t have to run blind like I did last time I ran on a wet day (rain runs + glasses do not mix!)

Anyways, I’ve participated in the Army Run for a few years now – but this is my first half-marathon. The course is pretty familiar to me – the only parts I haven’t been on yet are the Gatineau and Sussex Drive sections, everything else I’ve done in one race or another. I’m aiming to finish, no time in mind. I just don’t want to get injured! If I have to go from 10-1’s to 9-2’s by the end, so be it!

Since I am familiar with the race, here are some tips if this is your first Army Run!

Tip #1 – Do NOT go get your race pack right when the pick-up opens. I made this mistake last year and spent over an hour in line (while 7 months pregnant). Everyone was on lunch at the time. It sucked! Go later on!

Tip #2 – Take the OC Transpo if you can. Parking downtown is nuts on a race weekend, so plan accordingly. There is also parking available at Ottawa U and on King Edward – but you will have to walk for a bit (this sounds stupid as I write it…but you never know).

Tip #3 – If the weather looks like it will be even a tad bit warm – do NOT wear the black tech shirt they give you – you will be super hot! As always, remember to wear a running outfit that you have tested out – distance run races are NOT the place to try out new gear

Tip #4 – If you have never been to one of the big Ottawa races before – plan on a ‘finder spot’ if you have family waiting. The race area can be very overwhelming and one could get lost easily. One spot that we have used before is the middle point of the Laurier Bridge.

Tip #5 – Another Ottawa race tip from all the races I’ve done – when you are done and trying to get your medal/dog tags – don’t stop at the first person you see, there are more down the line! Same goes for the food! Keep movin! *just keep swimming, just keep swimming”

Any Army Run tips that you have???

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  1. Kristen

    We’ve always had good luck parking at World Exchange Plaza for races. It is busy getting out, but since it is free on weekends, it’s a really good place to park if you’re early enough and it is super close 🙂

    1. Rebecca

      Ohhh, good option! We usually park at a school, bit of a hike, but it is free!

  2. Mark Sheppard

    Great tips! I am planning to do the Half-Marathon next year and I live out of town (although I lived in Ottawa while at Carleton). Thx for sharing. Hope to hear some good half-marathon thoughts once this race is done. Good luck!

    1. Rebecca

      Thanks 🙂


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