Carla’s Cupcakes!

For those who don’t know: I live dangerously close to Place d’Orleans. Being so close has its advantages – especially since it takes no time to walk there. With the opening of the new Farm Boy, I’ve walked a couple of times and it doesn’t take me long to get there (I have to cross the highway).

Anyhoo – Since we are so close, P and Max decided to come with me for my hair appointment. They scooted around the mall – stopping at the toy store, checking out girls (no joke Max was totally rubber-necking whenever he saw a girl toddler). They also stopped by the new cupcake stand called Carla’s Cakes and bought Mommy two cupcakes.  I saw the cupcake stand a couple of weeks ago when I was at the mall last, but didn’t pick up a cupcake. So P picked up a Red Velvet Cheesecake Cupcake and Chocolate Caramel.


Before I tried them I was wondering if they would be like the usual stale grocery store kind. They were not! The cupcakes were super moist and delicious. Let’s just say it didn’t take me long to eat them 🙂 The icing was nice and soft and flavourful! It was nice to taste some real frosting for once – not the Costco Cake variety! According to an Ottawa Citizen article – Carla uses top secret recipes to make these yummy treats.  She also does Cake Pops, Cakes, and Macaroons (which looking at the menu – I’m going to have to try!). One other thing to add – she is only 23!

So, if you are ever in Place d’Orleans, give Carla’s Cupcakes a try! Also, check out her website!  She does catering and fundraising too!

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