Happy Friday – Rattle me Bones Preview

Good Friday Morning!

Yesterday was a super long day – and today is kind of gearing up to be another long-ish day. I have lots to do, not so much time, especially since one of my ‘prep’ periods has been eaten up again. *Le sigh*.

Last night I had most delicious Chinese food for dinner. It was tasty! We have chicken balls, Almond veggie chicken, rice and egg rolls – YUM. The place we get it from doesn’t use MSG so it doesn’t make me sick after – bonus!


This weekend is Rattle Me Bones! If you signed up, you probably got an email yesterday detailing information about parking and race kit pick-up. I am probably going to get my pack tonight, but we will see. Parking is free on Sunday, but apparently you have to get there before 8:20 (my race is at 9:15). I guess that will be ok. Max is usually up at 6:30 anyways!

If I bring Max……

It is supposed to pour buckets on Sunday, so I am probably not going to bring Max out in that. It will only take me about 30 minutes to race, but with having to be there early, I’m not sure I want him in the rain for that long. His chariot stroller is pretty water-proof, but still…

Which now comes to another matter – costumes. I was going to run in a costume, but I may have to re-think that idea because nothing sucks more than a heavy rain-soaked costume. But perhaps I will just suck it up! Not sure what my costume will be though!

Alright, it is almost lunch time and I still have some work to do!

Have a great day!

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