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I was thinking the other night about my ‘internet friends’ and how we all met. Some of my internet friends have become ‘friends in real life’, while some remain internet friends even though on some level I feel like I know them. Internet friends seem to be like the pen pals of the ‘before internet’ times. I didn’t really have any pen pals though – I think I had one from Germany, but I can’t remember for the life of me how that got started (could have been a school project or something).

Anyhoo – now, thanks to social networking I have friends across the globe. Although most of them tend to be in the US and Canada. And in this whole group – there is a bit of ‘6 degrees of separation/Kevin Bacon’ going on. For example:  I have known Corto for quite some time. I found his Livejournal through my friend’s BIL’s livejournal (everyone was on LJ back in the day). I thought his posts were pretty funny and his kids were really cute. I think Corto found one of my first comments that dated to 2006 – so I’ve been following him for 6 years now. Although he doesn’t blog everyday anymore, I still see him via all the other social networking tools. Also, he is from Ottawa – so I found it kind of neat that when I decided to move here in 2009, I already knew someone. So through Corto, I met Lisa. Lisa lives in NYC and when I ‘met’ her, she was starting her graduate studies at Columbia University. She is now happily married and I am really looking forward to reading a published work by her some day.More recently I have met Weebsurfer through Corto: as Corto said that he was from my neck of the Ottawa-woods. Since then we have met a couple of times with each other’s families and hope to make that a regular thing.

So now comes some of my internet friends who I’ve never met and I believe it all started with Paul Plakas. One night while watching X-Weighted, I started tweeting about how Paul Plakas should come to Ottawa. Within all that, a girl by the twitter-name Moultgard started tweeting me. She was also from Ottawa and a runner as well (although I was *just* starting out at that point). So we followed each other and I started following her blog. About a year or so later, her sister was pregnant at the same time that I was – so I started following Heather and we have shared our stories about babies! Through their blogs I have been introduced to Fitnessista, Meals and Miles, Mission to a(nother) Marathon and The Great Balancing Act. In another ‘six degrees’, my friend from my previous workplace also follows/is internet friends with Susan from The Great Balancing Act – and I remember when we were all bidding on items for the ‘Great Fundraising Act’. I’ve never met any of these fab ladies – but I do feel like I kinda know them (although I don’t!)

So now with this blog and being more ‘social-networky’, I have started making more internet friends, many of which are in the Ottawa area. I have recently lent my bassinet to one expecting Mama, and hope to race with a few others in one of the upcoming Ottawa races.


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  1. Candace

    I couldn’t agree more about meeting great “in real life” friends through social media. The most important thing is to take the online, offline 🙂


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