Thankful for….

Hoping everyone has been having a great Thanksgiving long weekend! We are doing the whole turkey-gobble gobble fest tonight – I will try and remember to take pictures.

Normally I spend Thanksgiving with my parental units. We had many huge family thanksgivings in the past 5 years, but this year we are just on our own. My parents decided to take a trip to London, England this year. On Saturday they went to Abbey Road. There is a webcam there that actually streams really well. So at 2pm our time, I waited to see if they would arrive. They did! Luckily my mother did some sort of jumping jack move across the street and was wearing a white jacket – otherwise I wouldn’t have seem them there. My Brother and I took a couple of screen captures of them crossing. Here is one:


So Thanksgiving is all about being thankful. Here is my list of things to be thankful for, some silly some are not:

What I am Thankful For:

– I have a child who sleeps through the night and goes down without a fuss

– Both P and I have jobs and we live in a nice townhouse

– High Speed internet and Apple Computers

– That I live in Canada

– Max was born healthy

– The ability to lead an active, healthy life

– Bacon (ok, that one is for Kristen)

– Beer&wine

– That no immediate blood-member of my family has ever had cancer

– My parents always provided food on our table, didn’t abuse drugs/alcohol nor abused my brother and I (this is a work-related one)

– That I was able to get an education

– Pie


I am running the Ottawa Hospital Rattle me Bones race in a couple of weeks. If you are feeling kind today – wander over to my fundraising page and make a donation on behalf of the hospital 🙂 All proceeds go directly to the hospital!

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  1. Kristen

    I think Rattle Me Bones might be my favourite race name…are you going to dress up for it?

    You could combine two in one and make pie with a bacon lattice. My mum specifically texted me to tell me to look it up because someone was talking about it on the radio.

    1. Rebecca

      I’m planning on dressing up! Not sure of what yet – all I have is a Marilyn Monroe dress here!


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