Thanksgiving Feast

So….I didn’t get many pictures of the food (I fail at food blogging!), but I did get a picture of a certain baby eating his Thanksgiving meal! He tried potatoes, turkey, carrots, cranberry sauce, and whipped cream……

He actually liked all of it. But I learned a lesson. See, I wanted to take a cutesy picture of Max smiling with his Thanksgiving plate. So I grabbed the camera and put the bowl in front of him. As soon as I did that – BOOM, plate is snatched and the hands are digging into the food in the bowl. *sigh*

The other night I thought it would be funny to let Max lick a hamburger (don’t ask) and the little man decided to put both hands on the burger, and proceed to eat the darn thing! I think it is safe to say that Max likes food! Except¬†Broccoli¬†– he hates that stuff!


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