Three Things Thursday!

Happy Thursday! Today’s Thursday comes with a brand new episode of Grey’s Anatomy – HOORAY!

Thing #1

Max’s daycare/nanny (Max is currently the only kid in full-time, so it is like a nanny) is sick today so Max came to school with me in the morning. Yay! Paul can’t miss school today and we really have no one else to watch him at a last moments notice, so he had to come in with me. There is an emergency child care service at my school board but a) not sure if I qualify because I am not full-time and b) Max is 10 months old – not sure I want to leave him with a stranger in my house. We are at home now as I have a huge gap in my schedule today. I will probably go back later.

Thing #2

It is 19 degrees and sunny today! Woohoo! I may just bring my afternoon class outside! Might also go out for a run later on too! You cannot waste a day like this!

Thing #3

Bacon Mushroom Melt!

Sorry, excuse me – Bacon ‘portabello’ Mushroom Melt…..It is that time of year when Wendy’s has this most delicious sandwich. I used to work at Wendy’s and when it was Mushroom Melt time – I ate one every day! I had one last night – it was scrumptious!


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