Three Things Thursday!!

Happy Thursday!  Today is a busy one for me! This coffee is doing NOTHING…..


Thing 1: Parent-Teacher Interviews!

I have P/T interviews tonight. I don’t mind them though. The only thing is we have a parental conflict this evening where both of us have to be on different sides of the city at the same time and Max isn’t really supposed to be at these places. So….babysitter tonight! Having a student watch Max in the library tonight while I conduct my interviews. Should be interesting 🙂

Thing 2: Car Issue yesterday

The car problem was quite simple. I ran out of gas. First time ever and my gas gauge said I had over 1/4 of a tank. Well put that on the list of ‘things that have happened to me in the car’!

Of course this morning as I jumped in the jeep (which has a snazzy new roof) the gas tank is empty. Like really really empty. Luckily the gas station is just around the corner.

Thing 3: This coffee is doing NOTHING for me

Seriously? What is this, decaf? Might need to hull out the good ol’ coffee IV today. No idea why I am so tired, I had a good nights sleep and everything! 🙁


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