2012 Running Season

My 2012 Running season has come to a close. Last weekend’s Rattle me Bones was my last race until at least February (but probably more like April/May). I had a pretty good season with the 5K races, but most importantly a great season with trying out new distances.

Here is my 2012 Race Season Recap!

The 5K’s

I had an average season with the 5K’s, hovering in at the 30 minute mark. 2 Races were run with Max in the Chariot (Place d’Orleans and Emilies Run), and two were not. The two that I did not run with Max were ok 5K’s, but I wasn’t really ready for them. The first race of the year was a complete  last minute thing which I signed up for because I happened to be in Toronto that weekend. It was in the middle of my 10K training plan and it fit. Rattle me Bones kind of fit in that way as well. I was planning on doing a duathlon but couldn’t due to childcare issues. So I signed up for Rattle me Bones. It was my season’s best, but I felt that with more training I could have gone fast (oh well!).

The Mother’s Day run was definitely my strongest race of the season. It was at the Aviation Museum with that great, downhill fast first KM and I ran with my friend Julie (who I ran the half with as well). We had both recently decided to run the half, and the 5K fit for a good ‘start’ in training. It was my only sub-30 with Max in tow. I felt pretty good throughout the race and didn’t feel like death afterwards.

Emilies Run was a disappointment. I ran a good race, but for those who can remember, I almost had to drop out of the race due to my jeep needing work/P not being free to watch Max. So I had a rented car and I had to drag along Max. For those who are not familiar with the race – it is FAST. This is a race with a case prize and for many, they are trying for a PB. I was planning on going as fast as I could, but I was forced to stand at the back of the pack, which meant I lost that first KM around 5:00 time that I usually get as I was weaving in and out of people. I was not happy. I ended up passing a significant amount of people in that race. Because it was gun time only, I probably did better than 32 minutes, but who knows! BUT saying all that, at least it was better than last years race where I was 4 1/2 months pregnant and cursing out my bladder! AND, another positive: I was photographed for the Ottawa Citizen for ‘lady running with stroller’. That was kind of cool!

Yup, this is where we started….GAH!


The ‘big’ races

This year I tried my first 10K and Half-Marathon. For someone who used to not be able to run more than 3 laps around the track without dying and only two years ago huffing and puffing by the first KM, this was a big deal!

The 10K race was a lot of fun, and I think from now on my Ottawa Run Weekend Race will be the 10K. It seemed like the perfect distance for me. I took it slow and enjoyed the race. I ran the first bit with some friends, saw a bunch of my students, touched ‘the shoe’ and watched the elites from across the canal. At this point in the reason I was wearing my old New Balance shoes and I was feeling the pain bad by the 7K mark. I had to take a couple of weeks off running and purchase new shoes before running again. Next year the goal is to hit 60 minutes!

The half-marathon was a struggle both during the race and training for it. I didn’t mind the training when I was out – it was the fact that it was next to impossible to stick to a training plan with a baby! Although I managed to get most of my long runs in: the biggest distance I ran was 17.5K, I barely did any hills/speed work and I just felt blah about the whole thing. However, most of the ‘Mommy Runners’ were going through exactly the same thing as me: and we all survived!! I actually quite enjoyed the race, especially running with Julie and Nancy! We pushed each other for sure and without them I don’t think I would have hit under 2:30. I did fall a bit behind at around 17K, but I could always see them! I will probably do the Army Run Half again next year!


Next Year:

So far I am looking at the same races again for next year, with some new races on the agenda. I will continue with a mix of 5K, 10K and maybe the Army Run Half again, but we will see! I also will probably attempt a small triathlon or duathlon next year. Many people have said good things about the Somersault ones, so I think it is time to try one (perhaps just a try a tri first).

So far my tentative race schedule is:

– Winterman 5K (only if I can get someone to watch Max as P works that weekend)

– Place d’Orleans Mothers Day 5K

– Emilies Run 5K

– Ottawa Run Weekend 10K

– National Capital Races, Triathlon or Duathlon

– Army Run Half Marathon

– Rattle me Bones 5K

I would like to see if I could run a few races when I am in the Toronto area. I’ve always wanted to do the Mississauga Marathon 5 or 10K! Or perhaps a race in Montreal?  I’ve also left off the Warrior Dash or Spartan Run. That will all depend on when it is/where it is. I will not drive to Barrie again, so I’m hoping the Spartan race comes to Ottawa again!

That is it for now! I will be back with another post this afternoon!

How did your season go? What are your planned races for next year? 

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  1. Mary

    The Somersault races are great, and the more of them than you enter, the better chance you have of winning an age group prize for their Champions Challenge Series!
    Congrats on a good year of racing!


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