Christmas Gift Ideas

It is prime Christmas shopping season. Black Friday/Cyber Monday have just passed, probably meaning that many people have crossed things off their Santa list already.

Me? Not so much – I have only found one present so far….

But I’m a bit lazy/slow and usually do not do my shopping until December. Last year I was a bit ahead of the game in case Max decided to make an early appearance (yeah right!). I have an idea of what is on my shopping list, but just haven’t gotten around to actually going shopping for it yet. Soon though!


I’ve compiled a list of ‘wishlist’ items that you can browse in case you are stuck on an idea for a gift for someone. Some of these are from my own “wishlist” 🙂


1. For “the teacher” Sharpie Pens

Have you tried these pens yet? They rock. I have a large collection of them in several different colours.

2. For those “on the go” MEC Pod Sling Pack

One of my favorite bags from MEC. It can also be a good bag for the man of the house who is afraid of wearing a ‘murse’. Mine doubles as a small diaper bag as well!



3. For “the planner”:  Moleskine Agenda

My Moleskine Agenda has been my agenda of choice for the past two years. There are monthly calendars plus enough space in the weekly section to write all your important events. Plus – the Sharpie Pens write really well on the Moleskine paper.



4. For “Parents of young kids”: Gift certificate to an ‘adult’ restaurant with a coupon for “free baby-sitting”

Although I don’t mind bringing Max to restaurants (he likes going to them – he has fun), it would be nice to go to a steakhouse or something rather than Boston Pizza!


5. For “the runner”: The Complete Guide to building your Running Program by John Stanton

This is one of my favorite running books. I consulted the book quite often when training for my half-marathon this summer. It is a good book for the beginner runner who isn’t sure on how to train for a long distance race!

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  1. Kristen

    I got the Moleskine agenda for the first time last year and I love it too. The one I have also has a pocket in the back with stickers and where you can put random bits of paper in. I need to go find one for next year!

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      That is the one I have – Love it!!

  2. michelle

    I really like that agenda. People keep saying oh just keep track of everything on your iphone but I’m such a pen and paper kind of person 🙂

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      me too!

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