Today’s NaBloPoMo question is: What is the last compliment that you¬†received?¬†

My job is filled with people complaining to me all day long. Some times it gets really annoying, but there are times when it is funny (“school is so boring” is one of my faves). As much as I would love it if my students jumped up and down and applauded my lessons, it doesn’t happen that often. But, that is fine. Can’t say that I haven’t complained about 50 times this semester with my M.Ed. course!

Anyways, so last week was Parent-Teacher interview night. Because I primarily teach students with learning disabilities, interviews can be intense at times. I wore my very best clothes, made sure to comb my hair, and was prepared with all my paperwork on how my little kiddies were doing. Before the parents arrive, I am usually a bit nervous as I don’t know what will take place during the next couple of hours.

I had a pretty booked list of interviews to complete over 2.5 hours. Most of the parents were from my Grade 9 Geography class. To be honest, I was not having a great teaching week. Actually I was having a pretty crappy teaching week. Thoughts going through my head that week were along the lines of being a crappy teacher and losing my edge that I thought I had. I even applied for some non-teaching jobs because I was in such a mood. Anyways, because of all this, my usual sense of being a strong teacher was gone. Some days I felt like nobody was noticing what I was doing with my classes and/or didn’t care.

So I had a couple of interviews down, and they were going really well. I had explained my courses, how students were doing, and having chats about what to expect next. Through all of these interviews I heard from more than a couple parents:

“You are a great teacher”


“My son/daughter is really enjoying your class”

So I guess some of the things that I am doing in the class are sticking with the students and making it home to the parents. My confidence was brought back to where is normally was after the interviews and it prompted me to stop thinking negatively. What I try to remember every time I want to quit is that I do my job for the students and their parents, not for anyone else.

Have a great ObamaWednesday Everyone!

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