Happy Friday!

It is a PD Day across the city today, so all over Ottawa children are having fun.

Me? I am working today pretty much totally in front of the computer. I have a checklist of things to do and have made it through most of them. But taking a little bit of a break to blog right now before  my 1pm phone call arrives. My phone call relates to the news that I will be teaching an online course starting Monday. I went to the board office on Tuesday to interview for the position and was told yesterday afternoon that the job was mine. It may only be a month or so, but that gives me some much needed Christmas money – YAY!

Last night we had dinner at East Side Marios – and Max had his first ‘restaurant meal’. He had cheese cappelletti for this dinner, with some bread and milk. He ate at least half of the pasta, but I stopped him from eating the rest. He likes restaurants as he gets to look around and see ‘all the people’. He waved at a few girls, which is typical.


Some of the NaBloPoMo questions have been rather odd this week. Today’s is would I buy my dream house if it had ghosts in it – ummm what now? I don’t really believe in ghosts, so sure?

Other questions have been ‘what is the bravest thing you’ve done?’ – I am not sure about that one and ‘what is your favorite pet’ – impossible for me to answer as I could argue about cats vs. dogs for a million years.


Alrighty, time to get back at it.

Note: the blog will be down for some time this weekend as I am switching hosts this weekend. Everyone that I’ve talked to and everything that I have read have basically all said that my hacked website issue this week was a server hack, not a WordPress issue. So therefore, I am done with my current provider.

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  1. Melanie

    Congrats on the extra job (woohoo!) and good luck with the server move!


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