If I could live anywhere

Today’s NaBloPoMo question is : “If you could live anywhere, where would it be?”

I believe that is a bit of a tough question to answer, especially since I am a working adult. There are various factors in deciding where to live: climate, housing prices, job availability  government programs, and natural disaster risks.  Canada is a pretty great place to live, minus the winters! There is much I like about living in Canada: government programs, the lack of natural disasters in most places, the friendly nature of people (for the most part), and our wonderful scenery. But there are some things I do not like as much.

In thinking about my ideal place to live: I think I am well suited for life in Europe. I have been to Austria before and when I was there I really enjoyed the culture and ‘way of life’ in Europe. In many countries, they seem to be a bit more relaxed about things and not so ‘rush rush’ all of the time. Here in North America we tend to work like dogs and not have as much relaxation time as our European friends. I also find that we over-indulge in processed fast food and do not take time to enjoy our foods. Every time I watch House Hunters International when there is a European episode on: I always laugh when the North American’s comment on the small sizes of fridges and kitchen storage space. The idea is that most people buy their groceries in local markets/small shops (not the Costco) and buy throughout the week, not just on weekends. They also do not buy as much frozen processed foods and have little to no need for giant fridges/freezer (I am guilty as charged, I have a giant freezer).

One of my favorite places to go in Vienna were coffee houses. We would hit up one almost every night we were out (I was with my music class btw). At this point in time in my life I did not life coffee: well I certainly liked all the cafe au lait’s I had in Vienna. Plus – the desserts! Oh my, so yummy! I remember heading out with my music teacher, her daughter and a couple of other students for a late night snack – I had the best apple strudel I’ve ever had in this tiny little cafe. Another night a bunch of us, including the Teacher, Principal, and a couple of parents all went to see Beethoven’s 7th Symphony – we all went to the Imperial Hotel for coffee and cake afterwards. Delicious – and the Principal picked up the tab – even better!

Government programs also tend to be very good in Europe, although it comes with a high tax rate of course. I get a little jealous sometimes of the daycare/maternity leave programs I here about in Scandinavia, even though Canada has 12 months of EI-covered maternity leave (I know my U.S. friends have literally nothing – and I personally think that is stupid).

In terms of climate – Europe tends to be like us here in Canada. I would like a warmer climate, but what can you do 🙂

One other thing that is great about Europe: The ability to travel to so many cool places! You are so close to so many fantastic countries and cities: plus airfare is really really cheap! It would be great to see all the places that I want to go, without having to plan and save for years to go.

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