Orleans Parade of Lights Weekend

Happy Monday to everyone! I’m sure anyone on any social networking site right now (that is from Ontario) is seeing that Twitter has exploded because Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford has been found guilty of conflict of interest and being ordered out of office. Whoa!


This weekend was a busy one as my parents and our friend were up for Max’s baptism this weekend. The real sticker was that I became pretty sick at school on Thursday with whatever Max had (or my students had – many have been sick). I started feeling like crap in the morning on Friday and by the time my last period had started I was really not feeling well. I went home right after class and pretty much crashed for the rest of the night. I felt better, but still sick for the rest of the weekend. Perfect timing (sarcasm).

Max’s baptism went well. He didn’t cry! When he was finished, everyone clapped and the little ham started clapping too much to the amusement of everyone at the church (baptisms are done as a group of 6 babies).  I do have some pictures, but they are on my computer at home. While downloading the pictures onto my computer I almost put my Mom’s memory card in the DVD/CD-ROM slot – dumb!


On Saturday we were at the Orleans Parade of Lights for a little bit. It was a bit too chilly for Max so we didn’t stay very long. Luckily once the Parade had started, the Tim Horton’s line was really short, so we warmed up a bit there and headed back with some hot chocolate and coffees. But regardless it started to get windy and cold, so we left before Santa had arrived. If you live in Orleans and have not gone to the Parade of Lights – I definitely suggest that you go to it next year – it is pretty good.

All the floats are light up with fancy lights. There are horses (the fire dept. horses were HUGE), people on bikes, dancers, musicians – everything and everyone! My school had a float, and I was lucky that I got to see that float go by. 3:30pm edit: It turns out CW won the Grand Prize at the Parade of lights, the Jim Anderson Memorial Award – well done!!!

For me the Parade really does start the “Christmas Season” around here. Which means I best be hurrying up and getting my Christmas shopping done!

At Orleans Blvd and St. Joseph

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