Christmas Gifts for Runners

There are 20 more days til Christmas (or 19?…), yay hooray! I’ve mostly completed my shopping, but there are still a couple of items on my list that I need to purchase. In continuing with my Christmas Gift selections from this post, I am going to write 5 gifts that you can get for that runner in your family (or your friend).



1) Garmin Watch

I purchased my Garmin Forerunner 405 last year on Cyber Monday. It was the best purchase I have ever made. I believe that running with a GPS watch really helped my season last year. Before this year I was never able to run 5K non-stop and I had not run more than 6K. This year I have 5K’s, one 10K and 1 half-marathon under my belt!


2) Running Medal Holder

From Etsy Store: Runningonthewall

Thanks to Heather for showing me this one on her blog. On Etsy, there are a few shops that make medal holders. What a neat idea! It is neat because now my medals won’t just be flung on my picture frame in my office (which cause the medals to fall down). There are also different sayings: so you can get one that is specific for say, half marathons! I really want one of these!


3) Gift Certificate to a Race

A few of the big race companies are offering gift certificates to people who want to get their runner friends “gift races” for Christmas. What is a better present than the gift of a race!?! For those in Ottawa – Somersault Races do offer gift certificates! Anyone want to gift me a race? hehe


4) Duffle Bag

From: The Running Room

A bag? Really? Yes!! I’m always bringing a million things to my races and always bring a bag with me. For my half, I brought: a change of clothes (complete change, not just a t-shirt), pair of comfy shoes, water bottle, headbands, snacks, GU gels and my phone/iPod. Not to mention I had to bring Max stuff too….. A snazzy new bag will always be welcome to the experienced racer!


5) Running Charms/Jewellery

From: TheRunHome Etsy Sho


Another Etsy find – There are tons of little gifts available at shops on Etsy for your favorite runner. There are gifts that¬†commemorate¬†memorable runs, specific events (love these ones for track) or just overall “for the runner in you” type gifts.

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  1. mommy

    maybe santa will bring you the blinging thingy

  2. Mary

    Great list! Definitely all good gifts for runners! I’ve seen a bunch of different necklaces like that for runners and they are really cute!

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