Christmas Gifts for Teachers

Since this is the last week of school before Christmas Break – there is something that is on Parent’s minds this week….what shall I get my son or daughter’s teacher??

Christmas gifts to teachers is mainly an elementary school thing. High school teachers rarely get gifts. Many of my friends are elementary school teachers and I am amazed every year about how many gifts they get.  My one friend always has a Christmas party for ‘the gang’ and we help her out by eating some of her candy 🙂

It is not a requirement to buy your child’s teacher a gift, so please never be forced to thinking that you should! Yes, it is nice, but it is not a requirement. We don’t wake up Friday morning thinking about all the presents we are going to get…not at all!

I’ve complied a short list of alternative gifts to send your child’s teacher for Christmas. Common gifts include mugs, chocolates, and bath stuffs – but I am going to talk about 5 different gifts

Xmasgifts teacher

1) Donation to a charity

Rather than spending $$ on a gift for your teacher – why not donate to your teacher’s favorite charity or one that you think would be best. Send a card with a little note explaining your gift and why you picked that particular charity.

2) Gift card to Staples/Bookstore

Elementary teachers spend oodles of their own personal money on school supplies. Even as a high school teacher, I would say that I spend a small amount of money replenishing my “arts and crafts” box each year. A gift card to an office supply store or bookstore can go towards buying some new things for the classroom. I’m pretty sure I am not the only teacher who could spend some serious time picking out new pens, pencils and post-it notes at Staples

3) Some spa pampering

So this goes under “if you have a really special teacher” and you want to splurge on a gift. Why not a spa treatment, massage or a pass to the Nordik? Yes, a little pricey – but a good idea if you really want to splurge. Many massage therapy places offer gift certificates and the Nordik does have an online gift section on their website.

4) Personalized Stationary

I did a quick looksie on Etsy and found some personalized stationary. Teachers do write many notes over the course of the school year and who wouldn’t want personalized stationary? You can find this sort of thing at many different stores. You could also get personalized post-it notes too!

From ETSY shop: faystreetstudio

From ETSY shop: faystreetstudio

5) Keep it simple – A signed card

Again – there is absolutely no obligation to give your child’s teacher a gift. From many different conversations with my teacher friends, one thing has been mentioned over and over again – it would be nice just to get a signed, personalized card from a student. I have received many cards/notes over the years and I do keep them all!


I hope some of these ideas help!!  

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  1. Shawn Merrikin

    I wish this post would have come out a week ago 🙁
    For sure going to use this next year. Love the stationary idea. Vistaprint here I come.
    This year we decided to mix a tradition gift with a funny one. Coffee mug + Tim’s GC + Advil + Stress Ball.

    1. Rebecca (Post author)

      Haha – I literally didn’t even think of teacher gifts until today! There is always ‘end of the year’ gifts too, I think??

      I like your idea! Sure to make the teacher laugh 🙂


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